Introducing the all new Uber Bivy Lightpole.

This internally illuminated pole provides a brilliant glow to one of the Uber Bivy's pole channels.
The Lightpole puts off the perfect amount of light for reading and is easily activated when getting up in the middle of the night.
The Lightpole features a sealed lighting system with no joints; it packs up just as small as the original poles.
The unit is powered by an external battery box via three AA batteries (not included), which plugs into one end of the Lightpole via a 90 deg DC power plug.

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Lightpole Features

  • The weight of a Lightpole & battery box is about 110g without batteries; the original poles weigh about 66g each.
  • The Lightpole is water resistant. While the pole itself is pretty much waterproof, the battery box should be kept dry; simply drop it into a plastic bag.
  • The Lightpole will run constantly for about 72 hours on a fresh set of batteries, and much longer with intermittent use.
  • Three AA batteries are used to power the Lightpole (not included.) Any type may be used including standard Alkaline, Lithium (to save even more weight), or rechargeable batteries such as Enloops.
  • The Lightpole seems to work best in the upper pole channel, but it can be used in either channel.
  • If the minor increase in weight is a concern, simply leave the Lightpole at home and pack the standard Uber Bivy pole instead.
  • The Lightpole's battery box features a long cord allowing it to be placed into the storage pocket adjacent to the upper pole channel.

Email Dave with any questions or for custom gear.

Page Updated: 11/22/2013